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Call 740plus.com at 818-813-8230 for reputable credit repair. Is credit repair legal? Yes, IF we follow the proper steps. Too many of our competitors skip on providing legal credit repair services. WE do it right!

740plus Plays by the laws. Disputing bad credit delays mortgage loans & can drop FICO scores. This is NOT how we get our results. NOT US but the FICO credit score repair industry does deserve its reputation for scam & rip-offs. Why are we not in that scum pond? What’s both effective & legal? Watch & learn.

My credit repair company is THE most legally compliant firm in ALL of California. It’s easy to prove that. 99.7% of companies can’t legally accept a dollar from Californians! They’re not registered or bonded. We are!

Dave Schram here, one of America’s top FICO credit score and consumer credit experts.

My credit repair company is by far THE most legally compliant firm in ALL of California. Its easy to prove that.

Of the 90ish companies which are registered and bonded in California, apparently, and per a lawyer at the Attorney General’s office who oversees companies in my industry, mine is the only credit repair service in the state which complies with federal laws.

Yeah, shocked me too!

I challenge every other company to prove to me they follow all federal and state laws. WE do! We’re proof it can be done.

Here’s the short list of what’s illegal to do under state and federal laws:

NO, the Fair Credit Reporting Act does NOT give you the right to dispute anything on credit no matter what anybody says. A newer federal law makes it VERY clear.

Its illegal–NOT legal–to dispute an accurate, current and verifiable piece of credit. Every credit repair company is required to give this to you as a disclosure per the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act.

If a creditor is reporting in the last month or two, it IS verifiable, period–not disputable!

If a creditor is not reporting past the statute of limitations–it IS current–not disputable.

Accurate is accurate– again, NOT lawfully disputable.
How can credit repair legally be done at all then?
Well, don’t dispute accurate, current, verifiable credit–get the job done another way withOUT being deceptive and withOUT using lies
–this is how my company complies with federal laws. No lies, no deceptions, no tricks, no scams, no unlawful disputing.

Also illegal is collecting the credit repair fee in full and up-front.
State law and federal. Its illegal to do business without the Attorney General approving the contract.

It is illegal to file a false police report– that’s a crime by itself.

In California any company which is not annually registered with the Attorney General and bonded for $100,000 cannot accept a single penny from California residents. This is true even for certain VERY big companies with huge marketing on the internet.

I don’t know why you would trust a company too afraid to register?

Of course we re-register every year and keep our bond updated.

If you are considering any other service than mine–although I don’t know why you would– the least you should do is demand to see this year’s registration with the Attorney General’s office. Why would you want to hire a total outlaw criminal?

Using a concept called “debt validation” is deceptive when you know you owe the debt–its a LIE–therefore using this tactic violates the federal bank fraud law.

Filing a law suit with no basis in actual truth or fact is a fraud upon the court. It is called a Bad Faith lawsuit.

There you have it, the short list of what’s legal and illegal under federal and California state laws when it comes to credit repair.

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