Wheeling Fire Department: Whippletree Village Mobile Home Fire


Notice the Fire Engine Air Horn blasts at just after 0:49 … the signal for all firefighters to evacuate the building. NOW! It’s a little hard to hear because I am closer to a second fire engine running that was not sounding its air horn.

At about 5:15 and later Fireground command is communicating with an interior attack crew (can’t see them in the video). An exterior line attack crew comes to the back and they are told not hit the fire in the ceiling because there is a crew inside. If the hose is turned on that ceiling fire while the crew is inside those firefighters can be burned by the water that turns to steam as it hits the fire. They can also be hit by falling burning debris from the force of the water pressure. As soon as the interior attack crew exits, the firefighter in the backyard hits the ceiling fire and knocks it down.

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